You’ll find my latest blog post below.

Check out the My Books page to see…my books.

Visit the Wayward Cat Book News page to see what you’re missing out on.

The Sunshine State is my personal blog on which I rant about all the things most writers wouldn’t dare, and some other rather mundane things.

Poultry Apologies and Foot Holes, a grammar curmudgeon’s paradise, has been resurrected. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the original posts in that blog, so we’re starting from scratch. I’m sure it’ll fill up quickly.

Rogue Writer is so named because I don’t follow the rules. Blogs related to any aspect of writing will be archived there.

Check out the Photography page for my posts regaling the world with my photography adventures.

And look! The entire Atheist View website has been encapsulated into one little page here. Enjoy.

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