Textures of the North Charleston Marriott

Hotels have the most interesting textures and art. Some of it’s bizarre, certainly. The crazy vases or chairs with eight-foot high backs. But a lot of it is a delight. And I like to take pictures of the stuff. So, here are some cool images from my recent stay at the North Charleston Marriott.

In the convention area, the hotel has what can only be…tables, that look like petrified tree stumps. Here’s one in its totality* of awesomeness.
And they’re just sitting there, looking funky, totally unused and probably unusable. Too low for a side table. I want one!
This is the base of a table in the lobby. Very cool. The weirdness behind and reflected in the golden slats is the carpet design.
I love taking pictures of pillows and chairs up close! The texture is amazing.
Above is a wall, sort of. Impossible photograph well. And it offers no privacy. It’s just there for decoration. Here’s the best pic I could get of it.
I don’t really remember what this next one is. I think it’s the drain of a drink dispenser in the convention area.
It’s got personality, doesn’t it?
A bouquet of sugar packets.
Another pillow.
This is a small part of some artwork on the wall in the convention area. 
I can’t remember what this is. But it’s very cool.
More art, I think.
Coffee mugs.
One of the vendors at the convention had a display of Scrabble tiles. I think we were supposed to make words, but I just wanted to take a picture.
This is a close shot of one of the crazy vases around the hotel. You can see the brick wall in the background. Below is the complete vase.
Useless, isn’t it? 
I really didn’t get a good picture of this…thing. But I wanted to share it anyway. I think it’s art. 
This vase is more functional than the others, but still beautifully weird.
Pillow or chair.
This is what the backside of the bar stools look like in the lounge. Useful and funky.
They got really loud with some of the artwork in the lobby.
And just across the room, it’s all very quiet, contemplative.
Candle holder.
This sliding glass door in the lobby tells you how cold it is indoors.
This is an outlet of some bizarre kind. It was on the wall in the ballroom. It took me forever to get a decent shot of it.
Oh, look. I took a picture looking down into the hole of one of those crazy, useless vases. 
Lately I’ve noticed that it’s a thing to put water dispensers in lobbies filled with water and fruit. You think you’re getting lemonade, but you get water with a hint of fruit. A hint of lemon in my water? No thank you.
Pineapple maybe. At least there’s a chance of a bit of sweetness.
This is slat art. Or pyramid art. It looks different from different viewpoints. But it wasn’t a picture. That’s what you want to see. If you stand on this side, you see Washington crossing the Delaware and if you stand on the other side, you see Jimi Hendrix. That’s what you want from art. Not blobs of color. Although, I did take a picture of it.
Stacked water glasses in the ballroom.
Yep. It’s an exit sign.
These were the lights in the ballroom. They’re actually huge. Three feet across, maybe. But, it was a pretty dim room.
And each of the big lights had a slinky effect wrapped around it. Pretty strange.
They had a camera, or a light, or something to do with the conference and it cast this weird reflection on the back wall.
Some artwork on the wall in one of the convention area rooms. Don’t look at it for too long or it’ll start moving around. Freaky.
And finally, a lamp. Hotels always have the coolest ways to put lamps on the walls in the hallways. 
That’s it for my weird art obsession.
*That was an eclipse joke.
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