A tiny little rant on Christian Nationalism

Originally posted to Facebook in July:

Recently a friend pasted a little screed on her timeline about how the USA was founded on Christian principles—her source: the mention of a creator in the Declaration—and how tired she was of people being offended by Christians just doing their Christian thing. Look, I admit, I didn’t read the whole thing. It was your typical Christian Nationalism nonsense. And I admit, I’ve only got a BA in history, not a doctorate, but I can tell you it’s all bullshit.

First, just let me ask…you really believe this nation was founded on Christian principles? So, slavery is a Christian principle? Based on some of the shit I’ve heard lately, I guess it is. The subjugation of women is a Christian principle? Wait. Oh, yeah. It is! Only white men got to own property and only white men who owned property got to vote. That’s your American ideal, is it?

I guess that’s what you mean by “founded on Christian principles.” Well, sorry to tell you that you’re still wrong. Many of our Founders were Deists, not Christians. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and Monroe—all the biggies. NOT CHRISTIAN. Have you never heard of the Jefferson Bible? Get an education already.

The Declaration’s “creator” doesn’t have to be your Bible god. How arrogant and myopic must a person be to think that any mention of a god must mean theirs?

There is nothing in the Constitution—the document that MATTERS—that says we are a Christian nation or that we were founded on Christian principles. In fact, it says that this country will not establish a national religion.

From the very beginning, uptight Fascist Christians have fought this. Hell, from before the beginning. They HATED the constitution because it didn’t give them the right to, literally, lord it over everybody else.

So, here’s the deal. You have two choices, and only two. You want either 1. A fascist Christian nation in which the denomination with the most power makes the laws and tells everybody how to live (think…Taliban) or 2. FREEDOM. A democracy, or a Constitutional Republic to be more precise, where we are all EQUAL before the law. (Although we all know some are more equal than others, but that’s a rant for another day.)

If you want this to be a Christian nation then you’re saying that you want me to be a second-class citizen. Me and everyone else who doesn’t adhere to whichever denomination is in power. Well, FUCK YOU.

And then you wonder, all doe-eyed and preachy, about why we’re all so goddamned fucking offended by Christians. THAT’S why. So many of you are arrogant and self-righteous and nothing at all like you believe you are. So pious and “jesus loves you.” Bullshit.

You’re petty and vindictive and backward and repressed and fearful of anything you think is icky, like sex and gay sex and transgenderism and breasts out of bras and dicks and I’m just so fucking tired of dealing with this shit.

And now you’ve got the Supreme Court on your side and all of your scary wet dreams are coming true and YOU’RE STILL WHINING!

I only hope I’m alive long enough to see all of you Fascist Christian Nationalists put back in your places where you belong—under the heel of EQUALITY and FREEDOM.

So, go on and unfriend me. Don’t let the Meta door hit you on the way out.

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